Woman sitting in her new NH Bathroom. Remodel by Shapiro Bathrooms & More

6 Steps to Design a Custom Shower For Your NH Bathroom Remodel

Transforming your bland New Hampshire bathroom begins with a vision, a purpose. Your shower isn’t just where you start your day; it’s a sanctuary, a space that should reflect comfort and luxury. At Shapiro Bathrooms & More, we believe every homeowner deserves a shower that combines elegance and functionality. This guide reveals some of our NH bathroom remodel secrets and walks you through creating a tailored shower space, from choosing the style to securing the finishing touches to help you bring your dream bathroom to life.

Step 1: Select the Perfect Shower Enclosure

Custom luxury shower enclosure with marble tile installed by NH Bath fitter Shapiro Bathrooms & More

Your choice of shower enclosure sets the tone for your bathroom remodel. Are you maximizing a cozy corner or highlighting a spacious alcove? Maybe you’re repurposing a seldom-used closet for that spa experience you’ve dreamed of. Prefabricated kits offer simplicity and style on a budget with options in acrylic and fiberglass, while a custom build allows for limitless creativity using tile, stone, or glass blocks.

Step 2: Decide on Your Ideal Shower Door

The door isn’t just a functional element; it’s a design statement. From the sleek appeal of frameless glass that highlights premium fixtures to the practical elegance of semi-frameless models, your choice of door shapes the aesthetic of your shower. Perhaps go boldly modern with a walk-in design, emphasizing openness and seamless transition.

Step 3: Define Your Space

Luxury NH bathroom remodel by Shapiro Bathrooms & More. Walk in frameless shower with matching marble floor and wall tiles installed.

A luxurious shower provides ample space to unwind. Consider expanding to at least 36 x 48 inches for freedom of movement, or indulge in the grandeur of a 60-inch width for an unparalleled shower experience. Tailoring the size to your personal oasis might require significant modifications, but the result is a space that truly belongs to you.

Step 4: Assess Your Plumbing

Before you move forward, vet your plumbing. Newer New Hampshire homes likely have systems that seamlessly adapt to your new shower. However, older homes may need adjustments — from pipe rerouting to drainage enhancement — especially for grander shower designs intending multiple jets or shower heads. Consulting a professional early on can save costly surprises later.

Step 5: Choose Materials That Speak to You

Luxury bathroom remodeled by Shapiro Bathrooms & More in Epsom, New Hampshire

The materials you select for your shower walls and floor become the canvas of your sanctuary. While standard options include acrylic, fiberglass, and molded composite, consider elevating your space with custom tile for a seamless design from top to bottom. Wall materials offer a chance to inject personal flair — from classic tile work to unique, upscale choices.

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

The details make all the difference. Think about how you use your shower and what will add to your experience. Multiple shower heads can provide a luxurious spa-like feeling, while built-in shelves or benches offer convenience without compromising style. Premium fixtures not only elevate the look of your space but also enhance functionality for years to come.

Ready to Start Your NH Bathroom Remodel?

At Shapiro Bathrooms and More, we’re not just about renovations but about realizing dreams. With expertise in everything from cutting-edge designs to the fine detail of installation, we pledge meticulous attention to every aspect of your bathroom remodel. Our commitment to excellence and affordability means you don’t just get a new shower; you get a Shapiro Bathroom transformation. See what some of our other clients have had to say in our reviews!

Are you ready for a shower that elevates your morning routine into a luxurious experience? Don’t compromise on your vision. If you’re in New Hampshire and live in Rochester, Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth, NH, or even the Boston, MA areas, call us for a free consultation today and find out why we say the sky’s the limit for your bathroom remodel.

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