Types of Smart Bathroom Technologies

Warming Drawers and Racks Don’t use a cold towel or robe ever again. Instead, get a smart warming drawer or towel rack that lets you set the temperature and then has your smart system shut it off at the right time. You get towels at the perfect temperature whenever you want them. Voice-Activated Lighting Making […]

Efficient Bathroom Faucets

closeup of a sink with blue small tiled wall

Are you looking to upgrade to a more environmentally friendly bathroom? Water-efficient bathroom faucets can help you conserve this precious natural resource and save money. The average family of four uses more than 300 gallons of water a day. By installing a water-efficient faucet, that same household can save 20% on their water usage. That […]

Bathroom Redesign

Considering a bathroom redesign project? How exciting! Your bathroom is among the essential rooms in your home, and your family deserves a comfortable, functional, and stylish space.  As we age, the value of having a bathroom designed for accessibility shouldn’t get overlooked. If you or a loved one are living with a disability or limited […]

The Shower Remodel Process

a custom shower in brown tile. frameless glass shower door and custom built-ins to hold bath items. Heated towel rack installed.

There are several steps to a shower remodel process. The first one is to prepare the space for the shower remodel. Shapiro Bathroom Remodeling utilizes drop cloths, tarps, and plastic sheeting to protect detached rooms, customer furniture, as well as immovable fixtures, décor, and appliances. Cray paper and/or floor runners will be utilized to provide […]

Design A Custom Shower

an extra large custom shower with two shower heads

Step 1: Choose the Shower Enclosure Style. A custom shower can take any form you like. Most people opt for a corner shower or an alcove shower that replaces the space originally intended for a bathtub. Some might choose to simply enclose their bathtub with shower doors, thus saving a great deal of money. However, […]

Transform Your Bathroom

1. Plan what you want The first step to any redesigning project is to plan exactly what you do and don’t want. Take a look around your existing bathroom. Is there anything you want to keep? What is currently wrong with the room and how can it be enhanced? Write down your ideas. That way […]